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About India


INDIA - a place of human journey through mind and soul, the realm of self discovery and realization, land of mysteries and mystics, abode of gods and goddesses, rich in natural beauty with the wealth of lush green mountain slopes, barren hills and snow clad heights, rippling rivers, murmuring mazy water ways, whispering forests, silent desert, coconut tree lined vast coastal line and golden beaches, river deltas, rocky southern plateau, flora and fauna and six seasons. Its vast land mass sustains second largest population in the world. Planet's highest mountains - the Himalayas had been a challenge to the mankind till 1953.

India can be evaluated by a deep look into its perpetual strong social texture despite diversity of religions, languages, produce, food habits, attires, customs, traditions, ceremonies, sports, arts, seasons, terrains, flora & fauna. To know real India, close interaction with the Indian societies is a must with the knowledge of the background of their evolution through ages to the present modern state.

India is the origin of Vedas, the ancient known text books of knowledge. The use of sound vibrations for the good of the human race, daily rituals, music, medicine, poetry and everything useful to the mankind can be found in Vedas. Unfortunately many later commentaries by learned scholars are destroyed and not traceable now, yet whatever is available is treasure for the entire world. India is only country that did not exercise Intellectual Property Rights on any thing discovered, invented or devised which was for the welfare of the human beings at large in the fields of science, mathematics, medicine, technology etc.

The four Varnas (Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra) and caste system of Indian society are unique in the entire world with the emphasis on purity of blood. Not necessary that a person of a particular caste must practice the profession of his ancestors.

India distinctly holds topmost position in revealing the secrets of birth and death and beyond. Their knowledge of body, mind and soul is inspiring. To know the unknown, whose manifestation is visible all around was their aim which was achieved through experiments and experiences. The Creator and the creation have been defined in unambiguous terms. Even the life of the present universe has been declared in solar years. Indian Astronomers had given exact schedule of solar and lunar eclipses for the coming thousand years in advance. The treatises on astrology to establish the effects of planets on the course of events in any human's life have been marvelous contribution to the development of astronomy and mathematics. ‘ZERO’ was given by India to the world. The reading of horoscope, palm, sole, fingers, forehead and predictions on events in life of a subject are very common in India.

Indian society teems with stories from mythology and epics. The stories narrate the valour and chivalry of the olden ages containing the moral education for the society. Some of the stories talk about the transmigration of soul by king Vikrmaditya as well as the splitting of body in numerous identical forms like Lord Krishna at Maharaasa. There is an established tradition of Siddhas and Nathas who can create anything out of thin air with their Yogic powers. You may even come face to face with such a person in a crowded street of a city.

India pioneered the possibility of longevity of human body through slowing down the aging process while staying fit. With herbal medicines they removed the ailments of body; through spirituality they freed the soul from the cycle of death and rebirth. This all is the result of thousands of years of close observation of nature, collection of data and its analysis, exchanging notes at Kumbha Melas, pronouncement of results, and then putting them in application for the benefit of mankind. The scientific researches on existence of spirits and their activities vindicate the Preta Yoni of Indian thought of beyond death.

India is pioneer of YOGA AND MEDITATION. Yoga means to add or unite. The external branch of Yoga is to train and discipline the body and adds to the longevity by keeping physical fitness through various postures and methods of respiration. The internal branch of Yoga deals with training of mind to attain the bliss of Samadhi, the final state of consciousness and ultimate union with the non -descript Absolute. A yogi attains unique powers and can create things out of blue by simple thought. Indian yogis are known through out the world for their extra ordinary mental and spiritual powers. Experience the Yoga at many centres in trip to India.

India is the land of Kamasutra, the unmatched treatise on the art of erotic love. Many temples in India have irresistible carvings based on the art of love. The temples of Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh are dedicated to the theme and artful depiction of love translated in stone. The Sun Temple of Konark, temples in Puri have this theme carved in stone in artistic way.

The Mantras, use of sound vibrations for positive results, the Yantra, personification of divine or Its aspects through geometrical figures, and the Tantra, a practice to train the mind to direct an idea to take physical form are beyond perception. Man sitting hundreds of miles away with eyes shut narrating events happening at non-visible location without any aid like running commentary of a cricket match. One mat come across some one perfect in these disciplines here and there in India.

This may sound astonishing that the information on planets, their orbits, diameters and distances from the earth have been so precisely given in Puranas, as if some one had measured them physically.

The Indian theory of Dashavtara (ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu) is a symbolic interpretation of evolution of man on the planet as well as progression towards perfection and spirituality. Many Indian temples have this theme etched in stone.

The personification of Indian gods and goddesses in clay/stone/metal treating those as living ones after Prana Pratishtha is to kill ego to eliminate the chance of rebirth and to keep the society clean of oppression and exploitation of the weak by the powerful. The compassion towards all animates in feeding the animals, birds, insects and aquarians before eating himself is Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam (whole of the world is one family) - a true humane practice of Hinduism.

The management of water resources and to keep them unpolluted, rainwater harvesting, management of waste (of course it was all biodegradable then), planning of cities and towns, imposition of Custom Duty and system of taxation including Entertainment Tax proves a highly advanced governance mode. Kautilya dedicated Arthasashtra in 4th century B.C. - an ultimate treatise on polity and governance till date.

The reference of Pushpaka Viman driven by unconventional energy, development of war heads, rocket launchers and missiles used in Mahabharata and Ramayana are few landmarks of success in production of weapons of destruction of the army of the enemy (civilians were kept unharmed during battle). Science of alchemy, changing the physical properties of a lower metal in to higher one must have been one of the causes of India being 'Golden Sparrow'.

Forts and palaces of Rajas and Maharajas narrate the glory and grandeur of Indian princely states of the bygone era, with their architectural beauty and aesthetics of proportions. Varanasi the abode of Lord Shiva; Taj Mahal - Mausoleum of Love; Ujjain, the seat of Mahakaal; 'Jantar Mantar' at Jaipur to study the movements of planets is an example of astronomy carved in stone and leaves one aghast. The people interested in palaces and forts and their architecture will have a feast for their eyes. The temple architecture of India is spiritual romanticism.

A tour in a Houseboat in backwaters of Kerala spread along the Arabian Sea with the nature at its best leaves indelible impression on the visitor. While in Kerala one can have the rejuvenating experience of Ayurvedic massage and treatment at many centres or even in the Houseboat. Kerala has conserved this ancient art in original form. Besides Indians, people from all over the world visit India for this purpose.

The big sanctuaries in different states of India have been dedicated to the endangered species. The lovers of the wild life can enjoy the animals in natural habitats in a Safari. Desert safari is an added attraction where the tourist can enjoy the beauty of sand dunes and listen to the silence of the desert. These sanctuaries also have a large variety of Indian and migratory birds. The ornithologists and the bird watchers will have a pleasant and enthralling experience during Indian vacations.

India has numerous Heritage Hotels to offer where one not only experiences the feeling of ‘far from the madding crowd’, but enjoys isolation, natural beauty and modern facilities together. Newly weds can visit India for understanding in isolation in the warmth of Mother Nature and strengthen their ties and bonds in the Indian tradition where the nuptial knot is considered valid for seven births.

One of the tourist attractions are beautiful golden beaches of India. They exist in crowded cities like Mumbai and Chennai as well as in serene natural environment of Goa, the most preferred destination for beach lovers.

India has been acknowledged by the world to be a Nuclear Power with self imposed discipline of its usage for peaceful purposes. India has also made its mark in sending the satellites in space which are used for transmission etc. The latest satellite probed the possibilities of existence of water on the moon and has been successful in tracing the traces of water.

Delve into the lesser known tribal land or wander through untouched beauty of Indian North Eastern states, the experience of India is uniquely unforgettable. The festivities on birth till end of physical form, changing seasons, songs of cuckoo and nightingale, mirth and merriment, smile and laughter, song and dance after day's toil, patience and contentment, adages and jokes, fatalism and optimism are rarely perceived elsewhere very particularly when the per capita income in India is still very low comparatively. It may sound unbelievable, yet a wonderful reality for experience and that is India. Look in the past and peep in the future while in India.

We are organizing tours to India with our personal experience and offer hosts of itineraries. The range of tours which we plan for you can be delivered on cost effective terms. Small things can transform a tour to more rewarding, pleasant and memorable holiday that is what we believe in strongly. When you are ready to indulge in this land of towering peaks with eternal beauty, natural bio-diversity and a splendid heritage, we make sure that your journey includes traditional hospitality, authentic cultural experiences and most important a companion along the way.

From the moment, you think of your journey to India, we help you with details of the city, depending on the weather and temperature, technical details and duration. The extensive pre-trip information includes route charting, itinerary idea, maps, and reference details. We assist you with the bookings and all other logistics. We provide airport transfers, hotel accommodation, transport, guides and cooks, camp and kitchen equipment, dining and kitchen tents, all that form a part of our vital, personalized service.

Share an exciting learning and traveling experience. Our itineraries are designed to inspire people of all ages, children, parents and grandparents. And our specially recruited online team will be thrilled to guide you through a different journey of India.


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